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Drivability is the most important factor of any vehicle. It encompasses everything system of your vehicle including the brakes, engine, suspension, transmission, and more. Anytime your vehicle is behaving differently, you need to know what is going on so you can have it properly repaired before it gets worse. At Al Huss Auto, we offer drivability diagnostics to accurately diagnose the problem as well as a team of expert mechanics to perform the proper repair.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is a great tool. Connected to the On-Board computer system, this little light alerts you to trouble. This highly sophisticated computer system controls all the major components and systems in your vehicle. It also does drivers a big favor by periodically scanning those symptoms for abnormalities. Anytime it finds a problem, the check engine light is triggered.

When this happens, we advise you to bring your vehicle to a trusted mechanic like Al Huss Auto at your earliest convenience. If the light is blinking, we recommend that you come in as soon as possible. Our technicians will use a state of the art diagnosis scan to locate the affected system or component.

Vehicle Diagnostics

While a check engine light scan certainly makes vehicle diagnostics more efficient and easier, it is only the first step. The results of the check engine light scan should be viewed as a road map rather than an actual diagnosis. While it tells your mechanic where the problem is, it can’t tell you exactly what the problem is. That takes an inspection from an expert mechanic.

While your check engine light is a helpful tool, vehicle diagnostics are helpful any time your vehicle is giving you trouble or when you are having your vehicle serviced. Thorough diagnostics also save you time and money spent in repair shop waiting rooms by efficiently diagnosing the problem the first time.

At Al Huss Auto, we are always happy to provide you with unbeatable vehicle diagnostics and repair. Contact us today or come on by our Green Bay or Kaukauna, WI shop.

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